When I get away from the office and the computer terminal, I enjoy playing tennis, sculling, or sailing when the weather cooperates, and squash, when it doesn't. Also, a good ski mountain will pull me away from just about anything. In the meantime, the trailmap from Jackson Hole makes great computer wallpaper.

Another of my passions is classical music, and particularly opera. The Met has a good website, including the schedule of their Saturday matinee radio broadcasts. If I can't sing while I work, for fear of disturbing (or scaring) those around, at least my computer sings to announce e-mail. Click here to hear Rosina (from Rossini's Barber of Seville) sing "Un biglietto, eccolo qua," or download the sound for your own machine. In the cold of winter, it's also nice to look ahead to the Tanglewood season in the Berkshires.

Some favorite recipes from Wendy's kitchen.






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