MacquariumMy brother and I have both upgraded old Macintosh computers with Macquaria, a fishtank/screensaver program that fills the screen with colorful living icons in an underwater theme.  My Mac SE runs Fish&Chips v. 3.0  Here are the plans if you want to build your own.

This is my chinchilla, Peppercorn [FN1]  The chinchilla is a South American mammal with very soft fur.  I tell the uninitiated that he looks like a cross between a squirrel and a rabbit.  Chinchilla owners seem to be a very high tech bunch, so Peppercorn has many on-line friends

Peppercorn, the chinchilla! 
See the new chinchilla-cam!

I had a beehive in my backyard for about ten years, and sold honey with this label: Wendy's Apiary I took up beekeeping to explore the social life and dance-language communication of these insects. Fifty to 100 pounds of honey a year wasn't bad either. Unfortunately, I lost the hive to the combined onslaught of varroa mite and a bear a few years ago.

FN1.  The name Peppercorn seemed appropriate for a small, somewhat round, light grey pet.  It had special significance to a law student who had just learned about "peppercorn consideration" in contracts class.  For peppercorn consideration (a raisin), the chinchilla will be your lifelong friend.






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