October 22, 2005
MythTV for the Masses

If you've been wanting to try MythTV but have been put off by the thought of installing Linux from scratch, the latest KnoppMyth release, R5A22 "Crouching Tiger, High Def Dragon" takes away one major hurdle. Pop in the CD and this Knoppix-based distribution installs the whole system from the kernel up. Now, it included native HD support -- and we don't yet have broadcast flag to stop us from getting the hardware!I've been running MythTV off a KnoppMyth-based box for almost a year now. Thanks to Cecil and Dale for a great job making this "TiVo on steroids" easy to install.

Posted by Wendy at October 22, 2005 01:42 PM | TrackBack

I've just this afternoon gotten my own MythTV setup going. I used Gentoo, rather than KnoppMyth, and haven't yet added an HDTV tuner card. So far, it's fantastic, and I'm left wondering why I ever paid TiVo $12.95/month, just to have them kow-tow to broadcasters objecting to fair use.

It was actually a post on this blog a while ago (the one showing the Daily Show on the Treo, right after the new iPod announcements) that finally got me going on this project. It was just too cool not to copy. :) I'll be tinkering with automatic PSP transcoding soon...

Posted by: Ian Samuel on October 23, 2005 03:52 PM
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