July 26, 2004
Preventing the Internet Meltdown

I'm in LA at PFIR's "Preventing the Internet Meltdown" conference. I'll report here (when the NATted Net isn't melting down), and I'd also be watching Susan Crawford, Ed Felten, Mary Bridges, Karl Auerbach, and Michael Froomkin.

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On Monday, the first day of Preventing the Internet Meltdown, as Wendy reports above, the NAT melted the Internet access down.

It has been unfortunate that there has been so little discussion of current meltdowns like this. NATs are like the weather; everyone talks about them, but nobody seems to do anything about them.

FYI, I installed USC/ISI's TetherNet (http://www.isi.edu/tethernet ) to restore network connectivity, as a bit of 'climate control'. TetherNet connects to a NAT'd Internet connection and un-does what a NAT does. The room has since been on the _real_ Internet, with real, routable IP addresses, forward _and_ reverse DNS, etc.


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Posted by: Radio on July 27, 2004 10:42 AM

Ah, so the true agenda of the "Meltdown" Conference comes out, NAT (IPv8) Bashing.

And of course, the .EDU Postel People arrive
with a non-viable solution that will never
compete with the IPv9 (Cisco/Linksys) Routers
now flowing out of China.

Posted by: NAT on July 27, 2004 11:31 AM
Preventing the Internet Meltdown

Wish I were there:  Wendy's Blog: Legal Tags: Preventing the Internet Meltdown

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I'm Melting
Excerpt: I’m at the PFIR Meltdown Conference.. I’m here to listen and think not blog, so I don’t know how many posts I’ll do, but there are number of high-quality bloggers here, including: Susan Crawford Wendy Seltzer Ed Felton Karl Aurb...
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