September 25, 2009

Updates on the State of the Chill

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With the help of Chilling Effects’s terrific new research associate, Rebecca Schoff, we’ve been updating the “Weather Reports” blog to provide timely updates on the climate for free expression online. Recent posts check in with the wild west of fair use, Veoh’s DMCA safe-harbor victory and some bites at the Apple. Add Chill weather RSS or follow @chillingeffects on twitter or

We’re also working behind the scenes to get takedown notices posted more quickly. In conjunction with Blogger, we’ve been working to help Bloggers get better information about DMCA notices demanding removal of material from their blogs, so they can determine whether to remove or edit the posts, or to counter-notify instead.

September 23, 2008

Won’t someone think of the children’s speech?: Internet Technical Safety Task Force

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I’m at Berkman for the open meeting of the Internet Technical Safety Task Force, a group convened at the pressing of state attorneys general to address children’s safety on social networking sites. The day kicked off with statements from Mass and Conn. attorneys general, to be followed by presentations from technology companies offering “solutions” and suggestions.

Live tweeting and

February 25, 2008

FCC Open Hearing: Net Neutrality

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FCC HearingThe FCC is in Cambridge today, for a Berkman-hosted open meeting (PDF) on Network Neutrality.

Congressman Ed Markey introduces the panel with recollections of his fight against mandated access charges for dial-up connections. Flat rate connections, initially allowed Internet to flourish, as Internet users built out a Net freed from the shackles of long-distance timers.

Markey clearly gets the ‘Net: “The Internet is as much mine and yours as it is AT&T’s, Verizon’s, and Comcast’s…. The nature of the ‘Net is not about the carriers and the services they provide… they provide access, not service. … This is ‘No Country for Old Bandwidth.’”

Markey understands that the value of the Internet’s potential, is greater than even the best current application: “The beauty of the internet is its wonderfully chaotic, ever-evolving nature… its ability to reinvent itself every single year.” Let’s hope the rest of the hearing strengthens that vision.

Join in: Join the Berkman IRC channel or post questions.

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