February 28, 2006

Get Democracy (TV)

Filed under: DMCA — Wendy @ 8:12 pm

The gang at Participatory Culture have just released Democracy Internet TV — digital “television” as it should be, where we’re both viewers and broadcasters. “Democracy” is a multi-platform combination RSS-reader/video player that helps you get the video you want, when and where you want it.

The Democracy internet TV platform is a free and open way to watch, share, and broadcast video on the internet. You can read about it below or get right to it: Get Democracy.

Sending Mail from the Treo

Filed under: commons — Wendy @ 4:35 pm

Note to self (and Google, which didn’t have any answers on the subject when I looked): To send mail through the Speakeasy mailserver from the Treo, configure Versamail to use port 587, along with ESMTP authentication (in the “Advanced” options).

I had to reconfigure after Versamail munched my old settings.

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