February 26, 2006
Free Culture for Senate

Student Senate, this time. Gavin Baker, of Florida's Free Culture movement is running for Student Senate. I met Gavin at the recent Data Devolution conference. His platform, including open access publishing and a healthy debate about peer-to-peer technology on campus sounds good for Florida (home of the infamous ICARUS), and for a broader audience.

A world-class university deserves world-class technology. Technology affects virtually every aspect of students' lives, but all too often, student needs are overlooked. As a senator, I will work to represent the concerns of all students.

If you're at the University of Florida, consider voting for Gavin. If you're a student elsewhere, consider running as or supporting your own Free Culture candidates. If you're of national voting age, try to get state and national representatives thinking about technology issues too.

Posted by Wendy at 09:50 AM