October 20, 2005
Which one of these is more dangerous?

It's clearly time for someone to update this 1981 cartoon from Paul Conrad:
On which item have the courts ruled that manufacturers and retailers be responsible for having supplied the equipment?

The NYT reports:

WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 - The House of Representatives delivered the gun lobby a cherished victory today, overwhelmingly approving a bill to protect gun manufacturers and dealers from lawsuits by crime victims.

only weeks after this from CNet News

Twenty members of Congress are calling for the reinstatement of the "broadcast flag," a controversial form of copy prevention technology for digital TV broadcasts. In a letter Thursday, the politicians called for rapid approval of a federal law adopting the broadcast flag, which would outlaw over-the-air digital TV receivers and computer tuner cards that don't follow strict anticopying standards.

All only months after the Grokster court ruled makers of filesharing software could be sued for "inducing" copyright infringement.

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