March 16, 2004
The National Debate survives copyright complaint

Dan Gillmor reports that the New York Times has decided not to play the heavy over The National Debate's NYT Corrections page.

It seems The National Debate offered "corrections" to NYT op eds, in a format that looked much like the Gray Lady's own. NYT sent a DMCA takedown demand to TND's ISP, claiming copyright infringement. As befits a news organization, the Times has conceded that TND had a right to parody their style, so long as it didn't confuse readers. Interestingly, the underlying complaint actually sounds more in trademark -- the NYT didn't want readers confused about the source of these "corrections," and trademark law protects against consumer confusion -- but NYT, like others we've seen, used copyright claims because the DMCA gives quick takedown process. I'm glad to see this resolved in a legally reasonable manner.

Posted by Wendy at 12:00 PM
Free vs. "Free"

Starbucks has been in the news for the free music-listening stations it's rolling out to stores -- stop by for a few minutes of selected music with your frappucino, and maybe buy a CD on your way out. Frankly, I like the way shops around Austin have been doing it better, especially around SXSW: Open up your laptop for free WiFi access, choose any music you like from the SXSW playlist or Magnatune and listen all you want while you sip, browse, or work.

Posted by Wendy at 06:30 AM